How It Works

Key Benefits

  • Maximise the revenue from your traffic with increased RevShare levels higher than anywhere else in the market. Up to 50% RevShare per player sent.
  • Centralised point of management with a straightforward user interface
  • Single statement with fast payments, we guarantee the money will be in your account within 28 days of month end
  • Clear and comprehensive real time reporting that helps you to manage your revenue and marketing budgets with ease
  • Serve dynamic content to optimise your visitor experience


Conversion Level Payout
100+ 50%
71 - 100 40%
36 - 70 35%
1 - 35 25%
0 10%


We offer real time graphical and tabular reporting over custom date ranges with the ability to drill down to individual websites, advertisers and content types.

You can also view your entire statement and payment history allowing you to perform a financial review at any time.

Account Management

Our account management team are experts in the area of online gambling so they know exactly how your business works. We have a dedicated team of advisors on hand to ensure you get the maximum ROI from your relationship with Ignite Bingo.

Part of our customer service offering includes the Message Centre which provides a tracked, ticket based, communication system between your company and our account managers.